terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009

As he is sexxxxxx

already arrive for me...

Yo estoy crazy

Very sex, very, very, very pretty the Bill Kaulitz...

Bill Kaulitz

The Tokio Hotel is a band german with the formation Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz guitar, Georg Listing bass e o battery Gustav Schäfer. the quartet with the sale of 5 millions of CDs and DVDs.
After of record a CD-demo with the name of "Devilish" and have his contract rescind with the Sony BMG, the band have his first demo in idiom german , Schrei, aa Tokio Hotel no Island Records in 2005. Schrei have the sale of more of 1,5 million of copy in the world and spawned four top our five singles in the Deutschland and in the Osterreich.[2] In 2007, the band launch his second album Zimmer 483 his first aalbum in English, Scream, what they have more the 1 million of copy in all the world and help they the gain his first MTV Europe Music Award for "Best Interact". the old, Zimmer 483, launch tree singles top five in the Deutschlaand, while Scream, launch two singles what reach the top twenty in new territorys, as Portugal, España e Italia. In September of 2008, what gain his first MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist. they also gain the prize headliner in the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008, in Liverpool, in 6 de November of 2008.